Rubaiyat of Mendocino
Rubaiyat beads

Books, Candles, Cards, Incense,
Oils, Tarot Decks, CDs, Calendars, Stained Glass Art

  • Incense — Japan, India, Nepal, Tibet — Sage Smudge Bundles — Cones and Sticks — Incense Holders, Glass, Metal and Stone
  • Oils — “Attar Bazaar” the Complete Line of All-Natural Perfume Oils — R. Expo Perfume Cremes — Amber Resin
  • Candles — Natural Scents — Votives, Pillars, Obilisks, Discs — Tea Light Cups and Votive Holders
  • Sacred and Metaphysical Books, Cards, CDs, and Stained Glass Art
  • Tarot Decks — From Traditional Rider-Waite and Thoth, to Goddess, Dragon, and Feng Shui — Medicine Cards — Runes Sets — Oracle Decks Featuring Angels, Fairies, Mermaids and Dolphins

Beads and Threads, A New Technique for Fiber Jewelry, and a second book, Fiber and Bead Jewelry, Beautiful Designs to Make and Wear are two books available by acclaimed bead and fiber artist, Helen Banes (mother of Ruby), whose work is shown in the "Fiberworks Gallery" at the Torpedo Factory, in Alexandria, VA.

Helen Baines is a beloved and respected teacher, a founding member of the Torpedo Factory, and the founding president of the Bead Society of Greater Washington.